Stefania Rossi Recruitment is definitely a company that pulls out every stop when it comes to recruitment. We met in 2018 when I was in a pickle to find staff at short notice, I phoned Stefania on an August Bank Holiday 2018 when i was let down really badly by a staff member, however I had some phone calls from Stefania even when she was busy with work and judging competitions. She helped me to find the right person for my salon.
Now I am expanding my business and as we all know finding the right person is hard when working 24/7! I called Stefania up again and she introduced me to another great therapist that will be joining us in 2 weeks!
I would recommend Stefania Rossi for recruitment. She is just the best person, it’s definitely worth given Stefania a call. Thanks for your help yet again! My rating for her professionalism is 11 out of 10. Amazing work well done!