Stefania helped me at one of my lowest points I’ve ever had in business when 2 out of 3 therapists left just when returning from lockdown. I contacted Stefania as I wanted someone to take the stress out of recruiting as well, as have an impartial opinion on the applicants. I was in a situation where I needed someone quickly but didn’t want my situation impact on the applicant I accepted, it was essential that I waited to get the right person. Well what can I say….she did just that, above and beyond!

She spent so much time getting to know me, my values, my clinic, and what I wanted in a therapist. She gave me regular updates as she understood how I was feeling and really supported me through every stage. I honestly didn’t think that what I asked for actually existed, but boy did she deliver! My new therapist is amazing, everything the clinic needed and I feel like my passion for business has been reignited, and very much looking forward to what the future holds. I would 100% use Stefania and would recommend her to anyone, she is experienced, thorough, and professional. Her service is worth every single penny!