Do you want to make your business grow ?
Let me help you in your journey and recruit top talent…

Are you sick and tired of struggling with recruitment and posting ads?

Do you feel it is hard to find the Dream Therapist to join your Team?

Do you find it difficult with recruiting the best talent for your salon?

Do you struggle in finding the time to interview?

I know how it feels!

I have been involved in recruiting for 25 years both as an Employer and a Recruiting for 5* establishments, and I know very well how hard it can be to find the right person to appoint.

It takes a lot of time to create and post the advertisement, wait for responses, scan through CV’s and book interview slots.

But that’s not the end;
then there are reference checks, trade tests and so on.
The whole process can take some time, whilst at the same time you have a business that needs your attention.

I have experienced all of these problems that many Salon owners face.

A background in recruitment and a passion for spotting talent and team development has led me to set up a unique “personal” and tailor-made recruitment support programme to help salon owners and managers with issues such as recruitment and team building.

You don’t have to do it by Yourself!

I would be happy to have a discussion with you to see how I can help!
My tailor-made recruitment and team building and development programme is based on my experience over 25 years, and I will be sharing some of my winning tips, whilst giving you access to a pool of talented and professional candidates using some truly unique techniques.

Also, do you need talk about?

Staff Retention and Motivation

Maintaining the same team can be very challenging with limited promotion opportunities to progress their careers.

So, how do you inspire and build loyalty and motivation amongst your Team so that they will stay with you?

There is no winning formula that fits every business. Building a motivated and sales driven Team who want to progress and grow with your business, can be very rewarding, and it’s critical to recognise at all times what our talented therapists are worth.

You need to understand what makes individuals tick, and what they value the most in order to get the best of them.
Using their skills and talents, and empowering them is about making time for your team and committing time to them. Making sure you spend time with the team so that they feel confident in their abilities.
Sharing the vision with the team to make them fully involved in the success of the salon, makes them feel inspired and motivated.

Look to breed loyalty by providing an environment where staff training and development opportunities support building team confidence and knowledge.
When employees feel like you wish to see them become the best version of themselves, their trust and loyalty will come naturally. Increased opportunities lead to better morale, that in turn leads to increased staff retention levels. It then becomes embedded as part of the salon culture which leads to greater salon success.

Need help with Staff Retention & Motivation? I can share some of the best approaches I have used in my salon, and certainly supported me to structure career paths at all levels and retain top talent .

Building a Dream Team

I have always believed that the success of my business is dependent on my Team and the quality of service and treatments that we provide. So, I have always put a lot of energy and passion in building my dream Team.

As a business owner, you have to involve have involved your team in changes and developments so that they are always clear and up to date with where we are heading and to make sure that they feel 100% part of your business. It’s important to me to understand what makes my team tick, and what they value the most in order to get the best of them. I use their skills and talents, and I have learnt from my team as much as they learnt from me. Individual staff empowerment is all about making time for your team and commit your time to them through regular communication.

Continuous Training and Development for staff is of inestimable value to our investment.
This investment comes in various forms.
The team confidence increases massively through training and provides consistent standards throughout the salon. Also working through individual development plans support the team with clear individual progression routes.

I love inspiring and motivating my team, my passion and drive is fed by my team achievements and confidence. I can proudly say that my team have transformed my vision into reality!


You must invest your Time!
By spending time together, staff training becomes a team-building activity! Team building will have a massive impact on internal communication, turning our teams into a high-performing driven Dream Teams! Your team will naturally and genuinely care about you, each other and ultimately, the salon.