How Can I Encourage My Staff to Contribute to the Success of the Business?

“My therapists generally perform treatments well, but there is lack of motivation in the team. How can encourage my staff to want to contribute further to the success of the business?”

There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to team motivation. However, building a motivated and sales-driven team, who want to progress and grow with your business, can be very rewarding and it’s critical to recognise at all times, what your talented therapists are worth.

You need to understand what makes them tick and what they value the most to get the best out of them. Empowering employees is about making time for them so that they feel confident in their abilities. Staff will feel motivated and valued when you spent time with them.

Invest Your Time…!
I put great value in team building as we regularly have team dinners, day spas, and weekends away.

Sharing your vision for the business with the team will also make them fully involved in the success of the salon, as it makes them feel inspired and motivated. Sharing and discussing the business plan with the team is essential so that everyone is clear on what we want to achieve and when. Having a plan provides a structured way of working and means to measure progress, and enables the team to clearly see how we are progressing toward achieving our goals.

For me, it’s important to listen my team’s feedback and their ideas, and give them responsibility to drive some of those ideas forward. I have regular 1-2-1 meetings with the team and monthly team meetings to ensure that everyone is involved and up to date with our business plans, so that they feel 100% part of the business.

We need to inspire and breed loyalty by providing an environment where staff training and development opportunities support building team confidence and knowledge. I work closely with our brands so that the team receives continuous training updates, and I make sure I spend time with my team so that they feel confident in their abilities.

By spending time together, staff training becomes a team-building activity! Team building will have a massive impact on internal communication, turning our teams into a high-performing driven Dream Teams! Your team will naturally and genuinely care about you, each other and ultimately, the salon.

And….Loyalty Pays Off…!

When employees feel like you wish to see them become the best version of themselves, their trust and loyalty will come naturally. Increased opportunities lead to better morale, that in turn leads to increased staff retention levels. It then becomes embedded as part of the salon culture which leads to greater salon success.

Stefania Rossi
Utopia Beauty & Advanced Skincare